Foodie Fridays • Wandering Goose • Brunch

I’m bringing Foodie Fridays back to my blog! First up, The Wandering Goose, located at 403 15th Ave. E Seattle, WA 98112  in Capitol Hill. What a charming little place.The Wandering GooseDuring the daytime, natural light streams into this airy space. The tables are covered with words from The Wandering Goose story and there are touches of southern charm everywhere.

Wandering Goose


Baked goods

The Wandering Goose is open every day for brunch and on Fridays they do a special fried chicken dinner. Talk about southern charm. I especially love their biscuit sandwiches and what they call the “Bubble and Squeek“.

Coffee and a story.
The Wandering Goose
The “Big Easy” biscuit with bacon.
Bubble and Squeek
Cinnamon Roll Biscuit… wow.

The Wandering Goose

Foodie Fridays • Wandering Goose • Brunch

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